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Who Learns at HQ

Who Learns at HQ?

Toddler House

1.5 years to 3 years

For the toddler this is a beautiful, highly productive period of physical and emotional development as toddling advances into walking, climbing, jumping, while language grows into phrases and sentences.

Social skills begin with parallel play, and self-care and toileting become of interest. The senses become more refined. Here your child will develop rich language skills to help them articulate the world around them while they spend time learning from the older children as their role models.

Practical life experiences are how young children learn both in our Toddler School and at home.  At HQ Children’s House of Learning your child will be introduced to our specialised ‘SCILS’ program of self care through dressing, putting on shoes, washing hands and face, washing dishes, growing food and much more in order to develop self reliance and resilience.

Here your child will explore music, song, art and have an introduction to the wonderful world of biology, zoology and other sciences that are a part of every day life.  Simple activities such as pulling a weed and finding a snail become a wonderful opportunity to learn about our world.


3 years to 6 years

The preschool child is in a thoughtful age range where children develop more complex social understanding with peers and by around age 4 years will be showing skills at collaborative work in small groups.

Children at this age like to bring order to their world and objects they encounter and our environment supports this need by ensuring that the child has everything they need at their reach.

All materials are presented beautifully and are checked daily to ensure that no pieces are missing or broken so that the child is able to complete the tasks they have chosen.  Materials are arranged for the child to access and enjoy as they learn to make choices about their own learning.

Here children will continue and expand on their ‘SCILS’ program with a greater emphasis on the social courtesies such as greeting people, taking turns and respecting the needs others .  Children will also be introduced to sharing stories with a group and be helped with strategies to deal with disappointment.

Children at this age begin the move from concrete to more abstract and are capable of understand complex concepts when introduced in an age appropriate method so it is here that the STEAM component really comes to play.

happy little preschool girl learning with flasks for chemistry in Montessori childcare isolated on a white background