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What We Learn

What We Learn: STEM


In our child-directed learning environment, we introduce a range of concepts that encourage broad early development including the important Social and Emotional Intelligence.

As your child grows they begin to recognise their separate self and show a desire to take control of both their own body and the activities they try to undertake.  They will begin to establish the confidence to do things for themselves and take risks.

Our  ‘SCILS’ – Self Care & Integral Life Skills – program is specifically designed to assist the child to undertake these tasks in a safe and methodical way that will help achieve success, which then provides the confidence to tackle the next challenge.

‘SCILS’ covers the areas that your child will need to develop self sufficiency in their personal hygiene, care of their environment and personal belongings and social courtesies promoting self-esteem, motivation and perseverance.  Given the opportunity children strive to do for themselves.  They will want to wash the dishes with you, sweep the floors, tend to the garden, do their own shoes and carry their own bag.  Here at HQ Children’s House of Learning we provide many opportunities for your child in a carefully prepared environment.

During our ‘SCILS‘ program children will also be preparing themselves for another exciting learning stage…….

STEM…..Discovering the world around them through science!

Discoveries bring us understanding, as well as more questions and new mysteries which we encourage your child to uncover for themselves with gentle guidance.


Think about all the things children are most interested in…

Bubbles; the colours and textures of paint; rainbows; splashing water.  The excitement little children show when they see how they can make things move, react and that they can control.  Then as they develop their skills and understanding they show intense interest in the ants and bees in the garden and the crunch of the leaves under their feet; the funny shapes of the clouds…..the excitement of lightning and thunder and how balls and toy cars roll along.

This is science!   This is how our world works  –  and this is what we bring to your child to help them to find their answers and most importantly to encourage them to be brave and seek new knowledge.  Our goal is to foster a confidence in learning that will continue with them for their lifetime.

Children learn best with hands on experiences so our educational materials, toys and surroundings are organically based with screens and technology used very carefully, only to enhance specific learning.

Our curriculum has a strong emphasis on biology where children can study those things that are familiar such as insects, fish and frogs and plants.  Age appropriate fundamentals of chemistry, engineering and physics are introduced through work with colours, light, weights, movement and space.  This is combined with topic related art, music and dance to create a stimulating and broad and fun learning experience.

We focus on the age and developmental stage of your child as an individual and offer indoor and outdoor environments rich in objects and educational material to stimulate those skill milestones.

STEM – Science; Technology, Engineering and Math…with the addition of a wonderful art program to bring it all together into ‘STEAM’

“The need for imagination, a sense of truth and a feeling of responsibility –
these are the three forces which are the very nerve of education”
– Rudolf Steiner